Creating prosperity through sustainable use of the oceans.

A 2-day Youth Innovation Event

23-24 November 2022
Area 42
Rue du Palais 46, 1030 Brussels

Human intervention, including pollution and the acceleration of climate change, increasingly threaten the immense ecological, economic and social value of the world’s oceans to humanity. To safeguard it, we urgently need new initiatives that promote sustainable use of the marine environment and resources while minimizing the negative impacts of human activities.

If you are an undergraduate student in Europe and passionate about a career in the Blue Economy, then the European Commission would like to invite you to HACK4OCEANS II!

hack4oceans II

HACK4OCEANS II is a 2-day Youth Innovation Event where participants from across Europe will learn, explore and co-create opportunities for prosperity through ocean conservation and sustainable use of marine resources. Hosted by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (EC DG MARE), in Brussels, the event will bring together undergraduate students and professional stakeholders coming from the private sector, policy making and academia.

As a participant, you can expect an incredibly intense and creative 2-day process of brainstorming, prototyping and launching innovative new ideas that could help shape a better future for our oceans – and plant the seeds for an exciting career!

Learn more about what a hackathon is and what you can expect at hack4oceans II.

Solving urgent challenges

HACK4OCEAN II participants will develop solutions to several important and urgent challenges defined by marine relevant stakeholders, active in the private sector, policy-making and academia. The EC DG MARE is organising an Ideation Workshop with key stakeholders in the field, on September 1st 2022, to define and enrich these challenges, which will be related to the following 4 themes:

Marine litter

Ocean and Climate Change

Coastal Ecosystems

New sustainable foods and resources

For whom

HACK4OCEANS II is a Youth Innovation Event, open primarily to undergraduate students from across Europe who are studying disciplines relevant to the blue economy. If you are studying anything related to marine sciences, oceanography, coastal engineering, coastal tourism, aquaculture, marine biotech, seabed mining and ocean energy then you are very welcome to apply. Students from other disciplines such as communication, finance, design, information technology, data science, innovation and entrepreneurship are also welcome to apply. Most importantly, you should be passionate about the world’s oceans and have an interest in exploring a career in the Blue Economy.
To create a vibrant environment of co-creation and cross-fertilise the fresh ideas of the youth with the experience of the professionals, both during and after the hackathon, we also welcome applications from private sector stakeholders, policy makers, NGOs, entrepreneurs, accelerators and academia who are active in the marine/maritime sector.

HACK4OCEANS II welcomes:

Undergraduate Students at European Universities

In any discipline relevant to coastal tourism, aquaculture, marine biotech, seabed mining, ocean energy, design, information technology, data science, innovation and entrepreneurship

Private Companies and Organisations

Marine/maritime and technology experts from private companies and Blue Economy cluster organisations

Policy Makers & Think Tanks

Regional, national and international policy makers and experts at policy Think Tanks, relevant to the Blue Economy

NGOs, Incubators & Accelerators

Experts from NGOs and startup/social enterprise accelerators specialised in ocean conservation and the Blue Economy

Academia & Researchers

Senior and junior researchers at university departments and research institutes focused on marine conservation and Blue Economy

Why take part

As a participant in HACK4OCEANS II you will have the opportunity to work with talented peers and marine sector experts from across Europe to develop innovative ideas that could become paths to an exciting career or a new venture in the Blue Economy. As a participant you can expect a super intense, 2-day experience packed with inspiration, insight and action. You will rapidly expand your professional network at a European level and together create new opportunities for a future career in the Blue Economy.

All selected universities students (based outside Brussels) will be eligible to receive travel and accommodation support.

Hackathon Program in brief

HACK4OCEANS II is a 2-day structured event aimed at inspiring important new ideas and innovative projects, while forging new innovation networks in Europe’s marine-related sector. You’ll take part in focused briefings and ideation workshops. You’ll work in small teams to develop your idea. And you’ll connect to relevant experts and stakeholders who can help turn your idea into reality. For a more detailed overview of the program click here.

Day 1 : Ideate & Team up

Learn about the challenges, brainstorm solutions and find talented team mates

Day 2 : Build & Launch

Develop & validate your idea, pitch it to your peers and a jury who can help turn your idea into reality.